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How it Works

How it Works


What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance would provide you with an upfront cash advance. Against either your credit card sales or based off of your gross sales last year and your most recent business bank statements.

What is a Merchant Loan Product?

A Merchant Loan Product also provides your business with cash up front, however, the amount you are advanced is based upon your total monthly bank deposits. As opposed to a traditional cash advance a loan product allows the merchant to pay back the advance through automatic set payments coming out of their business bank account. The merchant knows exactly what amount they are paying back daily/weekly.

Why is a Merchant Cash Advance one of the top options?

WeFund is not a lender or a traditional source of financing. Once you’ve been in business for 9 months and have at least $5,000.00 in monthly credit card sales. Then there is a strong likelihood that WeFund could help put cash in your hands in less than 10 days. Many small and medium sized businesses prefer our financing programs, because of the flexibility that it provides. Especially since our programs don’t restrict what you can use the capital for.